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Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" encompasses succesful solvent companies and institutes, with diverse ownership structure, involving thousands of employees and having an annual turnover of several hundred thousand Euros.

11% of employees are highly educated personnel with PhD and M.A. degrees.

Members of Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" hold over 140 engineering licenses of different profile, and employ significant number of tested workers.

Companies and scientific institutes – members of "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" have diverse ownership structure (state, public, private, mixed), but share one aim: business and profit.

Members of Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" have all necessary attests and certificates for their business activities. They are among other: License for drafting technical documentation, Accreditations for testing and calibration, Certificates for quality control management.

You can find detail information regarding this either on this web site on personal pages of our members in the section MEMBERS, or on their web sites (links are in the header of this page).

Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" is capable to offer realization of capital projects of repair and modernization as a turnkey solution, in other words, Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" is able to offer technical engineering, production, installation, maintenance and repair of energetic facilities with financial engineering.

Members joined together in Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" become equal partner to international companies, unlike their individual appearance, when they are engaged only as a subcontractor of these international companies.

We believe that this is the way to enable domestic energy-engineering to become competitive regarding prices and quality and to qualify itself as a reliable and equal partner.
Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" is a free will of Serbian companies to join individual knowledge and experiences. It is open for cooperation with everyone interested to become members of successful team.




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