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30th September 2013th

In order to continue five years of active and successful cooperation within the consortium for consulting and Power Engineering, which is the summer 2013th ceased to exist formed BUSINESS ASSOCIATION "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" Belgrade.
Business Association consists of companies: SEVER LLC Subotica, GOSA FOM AD SMEDEREVSKA Palanka, Energoprojekt Entel plc BELGRADE, Energoprojekt EQUIPMENT AD BELGRADE, IMP Automation DOO BELGRADE, MINEL KOTLOGRADNJA AD BELGRADE, RUDNAP GROUP AD BELGRADE, TERMOELEKTRO ENEL AD BELGRADE, FEROMONT ENGINEERING ad and Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca.

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Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" Management

• Board – consists of representatives of all members
• Executive Board– consists of representatives of following members:  Energoprojekt-Entel a.d., Institut Mihailo Pupin d.o.o. , Kolubara Metal d.o.o.,Goša Montaža a.d.  and Rudnap Group a.d.
• President of the Executive Board , is the representative of Rudnap Group a.d.

Competencies and powers

Executive Board has following competencies:
• establishes business policy of the Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA"
• provides programs and business schemes
• organizes and coordinates work
• appoints President of the Executive Board
• nominates Leading company
• nominates Project Manager
• decides about engagement in projects of Elektromašinogradnja
• verifies documentation regarding Projects
• set up management guidelines regarding Projects
• recommends necessary financial  resources for  functioning
• decides about  third party’s request for joining "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA"
• determines organization of the Administrative bureau
• adopts business and financial reports
• evaluates business efficiency of the Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" and suggests measures for efficiency improvement
• makes guidance for President of the Executive Board
• establishes permanent and periodic technical bodies
• adopts Regulation of conduct and other general acts of Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" •informs other members of "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" about Executive Board’s activities
• provides market research
• provides contacts and cooperation with domestic and foreign investors and manufacturers of equipment and appliances

President of the Executive Board has following powers:

• assembles and presides over Executive Board’s meetings
• suggests decisions for Executive Board
• suggests business policy, programs and business schemes
• submits business and financial reports
• carries out Executive Board’s decisions
• organizes and manages work of Administrative bureau

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