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30th September 2013th

In order to continue five years of active and successful cooperation within the consortium for consulting and Power Engineering, which is the summer 2013th ceased to exist formed BUSINESS ASSOCIATION "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" Belgrade.
Business Association consists of companies: SEVER LLC Subotica, GOSA FOM AD SMEDEREVSKA Palanka, Energoprojekt Entel plc BELGRADE, Energoprojekt EQUIPMENT AD BELGRADE, IMP Automation DOO BELGRADE, MINEL KOTLOGRADNJA AD BELGRADE, RUDNAP GROUP AD BELGRADE, TERMOELEKTRO ENEL AD BELGRADE, FEROMONT ENGINEERING ad and Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca.

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Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" mission is to constantly improve business ambient in terms of upgrading regulatory framework so that Serbian firms have equal position with other participants in market „competition“, especially in projects of great importance for the state.

Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" shall work on improvement of relationship and cooperation among its members so that it can become reliable and indispensable partner.



Our Vision for Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" is to become model to other succesfull companies from different industries so that they can contribute to economic development of our country – synergy and enhancement of capacities in the area of energetics.



Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" is formed in order to increase effeciency and competitiveness in energy sector, particulary in the field of equipment production and maintenance of capacities.

Therefore members of Business assoaciation "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA" shall direct their activities toward:


Final goal of our members is to gain references for the projects in region as well as on other world markets as equal partners with foreign companies. The best way to accomplish this goal is to qualify, through competitive offer, for the jobs in Serbia, especially for the development projects of  ”Electric power industry of Serbia”.



Our values are not strict rules, but mutual  principles and appreciation that connect us. Together with our mission they determine who we are, impact on our aims and inspire us.

They are foremost:






Here You can review our important public documents:

Agreement (available only in Serbian)


Business association "ELEKTROMAŠINOGRADNJA"
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 12/III
11070 New Belgrade, Serbia

Phone:    +381 11 310 12 05
Fax:       +381 11 310 12 92



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